Floor Plans & Capacity Charts

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Floor Plans

Capacity Charts

Room Setup Examples


Long rectangular tables with seating on both sides. Typically setup for meals when round tables are not a possibility.




Rows of tables and chairs with all chairs facing the presenter. This is the most common setup for classes and some lectures.



Conference Square

Hollow square or boardroom seating with seating around the entire outer perimeter. This setup works well for large interactive group discussions.



Group Pods

Two tables pushed together to create a square with chairs around the perimeter of the pod. Great for small group discussions.




Single tables angled toward the presenter with 4-6 chairs at each table. An alternative to classroom style seating that also allows for small group discussions.




Standing room only or combined with cocktail tables. Generally setup with food and beverage in a commons or Atrium space.




Full rounds with chairs set all the way around the perimeter. 60 inch rounds seat up to 7 people, 72 inch rounds seat up to 9 people. Can be used for meals or small group discussions.



Rounds – Crescent

Crescent rounds utilize the entire full round table set with 4-5 chairs on half of the perimeter, all facing the presenter. This is a great option for all day meetings, allowing plenty of space for individuals, food and beverage and note taking.



Rounds – Half

Half rounds utilize half of a round table setup with 4-5 chairs, all facing the presenter.



Theater / Lecture

Rows of chairs all facing the presenter. Often used for large lectures or keynote presenters.




Used for combination of discussion and presentations. Tables are placed in a U-formation with chairs surrounding the outer perimeter. Generally used for less than 40 people.